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Are you Puzzled about your preschool and/or childcare options? We can Help!

Are you comfortable with your current preschool or childcare program? Is your child getting everything he or she needs at this critical time of development?

The Puzzle’s Academy preschool and childcare programs were developed by our FAMILY for your FAMILY! Our programs adress the many concerns that parents have with traditional preschool or childcare…

When Choosing a quality childcare program or preschool consider this!

How do you teach a child to think outside the box while spending all day in the box?

Our children deserve more PLAY and physical activity now more than ever before. The award winning Puzzle’s Academy provides 300% more physical activity per day than traditional programs.

Licensed childcare services for children ages 6 weeks old to school age

Open 7 a.m. till 6 p.m.

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